If your building a new home in Bacolod City and looking for an architect or builder, we hope this site will help you choose companies and people that provide good quality products or services and avoid a few of the mistakes we made. 

After receiving a few prices to construct the house from architects and builders in Bacolod City, they were all similarly priced and the decision was made to engage Mylene & Butch Yulo. Shalam Builders. They have pictures on their web sites showing some of the houses they have constructed, and it all looked reasonably good. The house construction worked out about PHP 22k per square meter. It was explained that this is somewhere between the medium to high end finish for this price. We began the 10 month construction contract in July 2011.




Things to consider building a house in Bacolod City.

  • Ask yourself do you really need an architect.? Engage the builder directly and save a fortune. I estimate you could save between 25% to 35% off the construction costs by going directly to the builder.

  • Don't assume that if you do engage an architect that they will be working in your interests. they didn't in this case.

  • Look for some type of construction insurance that insures against poor quality construction work and products.

  • Leave about 10% that is not payable to the builder until completion of the house and satisfaction of work. If they  cry poor, don't pay.

  • If the architect gets behind in the construction schedule, remove them from the job immediately or don't pay them any money until they catch up. 

  • Do some checking yourself. Check the prices and quality of all the major items before you sign anything, for example, windows, doors, concrete, tiles, glass, roof iron/tiles, electrical wiring, switches, door knobs, etc etc. Watch your not being priced for the good quality products and then supplied with the cheap products.

  • Make sure that your architect/builder is using professional people for electrical, plumbing, carpentry and roof installation. Ask to view the qualifications and certifications of the electrician and plumber.




Architect - Shalam Builders / ACY Development Services

Mylene Yulo


Butch Yulo


Click Pictures For A Larger View

Click Pictures For A Larger View

The Aluminium Windows

Mylene & Butch were caught trying to install the cheap aluminium windows while charging for the good quality windows.. 

The aluminium windows Mylene & Butch tried to install were priced by two separate window companies at 80k and 90k. Mylene was charging PHP 220k. The architect was caught trying to rip off the home owner.

Gutters & Down Pipes

Enquiries were made on a couple of occasions about gutters for the house. On both occasions it was explained by Mylene or Butch that gutters were not required. After just some moderate rain ( not heavy) , well the house is almost inhabitable. Water runs into into the house under the back doors and through two bedroom doors. Then we were told that the builder had a huge argument with Mylene telling her that the house did need  gutters. But not a single email or word from the architect, not even when another enquiry was made again about the gutters. Not even an email saying there maybe a problem here. Nothing. They thought that installing gutters might cost them a few pesos, so they said nothing. This was deceptive and deceitful behaviour on Mylene & Butche's  behalf, they should be ashamed. The saviour here was Nolie the builder, he had the foresight to install downpipes in the areas behind the stone work. He knew guttering would be required.

 There are many many more examples of the poor quality of work delivered by Mylene & Butch Yulo. 

These examples above are just a few. 

Companies Providing Services & Products - Performance Rating

Products / Service Company Review Contact  Excellent Good Average Poor  Bad

Air Conditioning

LDC Refrigeration and Airconditioning

Very professional, great quality products & installation

Highly recommended.



Shalam Builders / 

ACY Development Services

Disappointing on every level. 

Mylene & Butch Yulo were evasive and deceptive with the information they provided and the information didn't provide. Often charging for the premium fittings and materials but provided the poor quality.

Mylene & Butch Yulo

Will never use again


Architect AB Archictecture Very unprofessional.  They abused us because we didn't award them the construction contract.

Will never use again


They can pretty much make any furniture you want. We sent them many pictures of furniture and sometimes we sent our own fabric to be used. They reproduce from the picture.

High quality workmanship.

Tel: (034) 444-0205
Fax: (034) 444-0205

Windows & Glass RM Glass

Pretty good quality windows

Does take some time to order and install ( about 2-3 months)

(034) 446-1884

(034) 446-1886

(0917) 300-1505



  Cora Jarder Huge recommendation. The highest quality workmanship and installation. Don't use anyone else. 



LaGermania (Oven)


Great oven, great installation. The after sales service is first class, they couldn't have helped out more..

126 Lacson Extension, Bacolod City
Tel.: (034) 433-6210

Fax: (034) 434-3955

The Builder Noli Tamon Nolie tries his heart out to please and get things the way you want them. Top quality work on all things structural.   Phone: 09995687706         
Painters  Ariel Adisas

Consistent tried to over price.

Once a reasonable price was haggled, the quality of the workmanship was very good.

No problems when a couple of small areas needed fixing.

  Phone: 09072167446        
Iron Works  Erwin Bautista Deserves a gold medal. The highest quality work.   Phone: 09462022490        




Tried to over price.

Very fast to complete work

Good Quality Work




 Fame Christian Garden

Francisco Bojos

 Wonderful landscaping. Plus we bought 5 big palms and every palm survived and looks great  Phone: 09198942513               
Roof Installer  Rey Abuyabor  Took months to complete, but did a great job.            
 This table is still a work ion progress. Last Update: 17th July 2012


Construction Summary

A lot of money had and is still being spent repairing and correcting all the poor workmanship and sub standard materials provided by our Architect / Builder Mylene & Butch Yulo. The pictures tell the story, just disgraceful workmanship and we could have posted many more examples. I'm sure there are many good architects in Bacolod City, unfortunately the ones chosen were just terrible. Many of the contractors bought in to fix up the appalling  work from Mylene & Butch were very good and the Performance Rating above is a fair and balanced rating. We hope this Performance Rating can help anyone building in Bacolod choose companies or people that provide good quality products or services.